We offer hosted application management services to our clients on various horizontals of the industry, we have in our portfolio a range of products with rich features and easy to customize.

SmallCap CRM: A bouquet of customer and supplier relationship Management

We have customized an open software with our proprietary code to make it fit for purpose for small businesses.  Key features of the product are "

  • Track the lead from campaign state through till the customer inception process
  • Support Products as well as Services
  • Campaign Channel effectiveness analysis report
  • Sales Cost management, facility to capture Expense and Trip cost
  • Possible MIS reports on various attributes of customer,suppliers and product
  • Flexibility to adopt to taxation rules (Service Tax, VAT etc).
  • Manage customer engagement starting from quotation till invoicing and payment
  • Dashboard indicating delay in customer engagement steps
  • MIS dashboards for various modules provding 60 second view to managers/supervisors related to functions
  • Management of internal and external communication as all mail communications are saved in the application for easy tracking and references

CRM solution for SMB v1

SmallCap ERP: A simple way to automate your stock and warehouse management, completly integrated with SmallCapCRM. 

The demand and supply from customers and suppliers are linked with SmallCapCRM.  Key features of this product are :

Demand of Stock

  • Support Products as well as Services
  • Multiple warehouse Management
  • Warehouse management with flexible Bin addressing
  • Stock issuing on the basis of First in first out or Last in first out (FIFO/LIFO)
  • Captures batch code of items in stock and allow management on batch basis
  • Alert and filter of items for approaching “use by date” and “sell by date”
  • MIS dashboards for various modules provding 60 second view to managers/supervisors related to functions
  • Flexible reporting of items on its various attributes

Supply side of Stock Management

  • Integrated with supplier orders module of smallcapCRM
  • Captures batch number and associated attributes on receipt of stock from suppliers
  • Stock keeping by allocation to warehouse storage location
  • Multiple/flexible storage location type

Staff Management

  • Leave management
  • Schedule Management

CRM solution for SMB v1

Consultancy Services

Our leadership team has provided consultancy service to  many customers in diverse industry segment and added modules to standard version of SmallCapCRM / ERP product to completely automate their internal processes.

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