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Workday Overview

Workday® software supports the following functions
  • Human Capital Management
  • Global Human Resource Management
  • Global Talent Management
Payroll Solutions
  • Workday Payroll
  • Third Party Payroll Network
  • Payroll Co-Sourcing Services
Project and Work Management
  • Spend Management
  • Procurement
  • Employee Expenses
  • Contingent Labor
Financial Management
  • Core Finance
  • Revenue Management
  • Business Assets
Cloud based ERP platform serviced in a SaaS model

No hardware/software/database to buy, install, upgrade or maintain

All customers will be on the latest version all the time

Supports multi-currency, multi entity, multi language global deployments

The software includes core ERP functionality along with

  • Embedded business analytics solution
  • Availability on mobile devices
  • Business Process Framework to optimize customer workflows and processes
  • Integration of controls and auditing, SOX and Segregation of Duties
  • Ease of integration with third party tools using open standard based webservices calls
User Interface
  • Navigation to different forms possible through search box similar to websites
  •  Reports have lots of actionable links other than just drilldowns
  •  Easily enables looking at data across different modules (P2P, HR, finance etc) without too much navigation. Provides internet like user experience
  •  User friendly rules engine enables setting up of approval flows easily
  •  Access to modules controlled through roles
  •  UI presents list of actions end user can perform at any given point rather than just standard menus
Interface with Other Applications
  • Interfaces to/from Workday handled through open standard webservices call to Workday Integration Cloud
  • Other middleware like TIBCO, Oracle Fusion, Microsoft.Net also supported
  • Tools available from Workday for building interfaces : Enterprise Interface Builder, Workday Studio
  • Following categories of service available :
    • Business Management Service : to programmatically interact with key service areas
    • Reporting Service :  to get data out of Workday and delivered via RSS or traditional SOAP-based messages.
    • Outbound Messaging Services : alerts to external applications when business events occur
    • Infrastructure Services - allows external applications to monitor the execution of integration events
  • Does not use Relational Database model like traditional ERPs
  • Application is built on a highly object-oriented structure; considers employees, assets, customers etc., as an object with respective attributes
  • Runs almost entirely in-memory (RAM) making it very fast
  • Data is stored in the disk only as a data security and for disaster recovery
  • Schedule of three releases per year. Client can choose to delay turning on significant new Workday software functionality
  • Fully secure at physical, network and database levels with all relevant certifications (SAS70, SSAE, ISO etc)

Alpinesoft Workday Service Portfolio

Our Services
Phase 1
  • Strategy and Analysis
  • Assessment
  • Plan and Design
  • Test Planning and support
  • Configuration and Prototyping
  • Implementation and Deployment Support

Phase 2
  • Custom Development
  • Engagement and Adoption Services
Strategy and Analysis Service


Provide customers with a roadmap towards WorkDay Design and Planning Functions based on workshop that identifies gaps and phased approach.

Service Scope

Consulting services for E2E HCM strategic roadmap

Customer Benefits

  • Provides a comprehensive report that outlines the existing capabilities (infrastructure, orchestration and automation, monitoring and assurance, security and governance, etc)
  • Using pre-defined framework, we analyze the customer’s major gaps between current and future state requirements, and devise a proposed roadmap to deliver against the requirements.


0+5 days engagement length


  • HCM Strategy Report
  • Readout Session
  • What else ???

Strategy and Analysis

Engagement Flow Deliverable

Configuration and Prototyping
Configuration and Prototyping

  • In Classroom : Instructor led classroom training.
  • Virtual Classroom : Instructor led training over the Webex
  • On Demand : self-paced non-instructor led training. Suitable for users who need immediate access to specific training
  • Workday adoption toolkit : Consists of tools and resources like videos, FAQs, facilitator guide etc.,  to train end users